Firewalk - The UK's best Firewalking Courses

Firewalk – The UK’s best Firewalking Courses 

Fire Walk, Fire Arts, Breath Work, Mindfulness & Empowerment Courses for Individuals, Companies and Charities across the UK.

Firewalk Instructor Training Autumn 2024

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Overcome Your Fears and Break Through Your Own Barriers

 Fire Walk, Fire Arts, Breath Work, Mindfulness & Empowerment Courses for Individuals, Companies and Charities across the UK.

Firewalking Empowerment Courses – Experience The Change

Unlock Your Potential: Empowerment Courses That Propel Individuals, Companies, and Charities Towards Success and Growth

• Empowerment courses designed for individuals, companies and charities to unlock their full potential.

For individuals: Mindset for increased financial stability and wealth, improve job opportunities, cultivate stronger and healthier relationships through our courses.

• Increase self-confidence, greater determination and resilience, enhanced communication and interpersonal skills as well as the ability to speak with poise and confidence. Unlock your true potential with our empowering techniques.

• For companies: Increase profitability, productivity, and conversion rates by empowering your employees with our courses.

• Transform your company culture and create a positive, enjoyable and motivated work environment with staff that are flexible and understanding and have creativity and adaptability in their teams.

• Charities can benefit from our courses by gaining funds and support for their causes. Charity firewalks can be a unique and impactful way to raise funds for your organisation while also inspiring and empowering those who participate.

See the Benefits of Empowerment Courses for You, Your Company or Your Charity:


Walk on fire – experience massive change in yourself, overcome your fears and break through your own internal barriers through our Ignition self-empowerment course. Then increase your skills abilities with further courses.

Fire Arts

Experience the mesmerising art of fire at the Fire Dragon training event. Learn from esteemed instructors as you engage in activities such as firewalking, fire dancing, flaming board-breaking, intentional goal setting, team building exercises, fire eating and more thrilling endeavours.


BreathPower represents the upcoming pivotal skill set that guides individuals towards the path of releasing obstacles, envisioning an ideal future, and transforming into the person essential for embracing that desired life.


The Personal Mastery Program, led by Tolly Burkan, helps you conquer fears and limitations, reach your utmost potential and live a satisfying life. With personal coaching, firewalking and experiential exercises, you’ll develop self-awareness and seize control of your life

Fire Walks for Charity

Charity firewalks offer a distinct and influential method for raising funds and awareness for your organisation, while simultaneously igniting inspiration and empowerment among participants.

Firewalk & Empowerment for Companies

Immerse your team in the firewalking experience, igniting their courage and pushing their limits for success. Our Power & Encourage Seminars foster a transformative mindset, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Client Reviews: Exceptional Experiences that Speak for Themselves…

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“Life coaching at it’s very best”

Confidence, determination, persistence, flexibility, adaptability, and tenacity are all characteristics of an empowered person. Our courses aim to enhance these qualities, helping you achieve the life you desire..

Take action to empower yourself.

If you seek to improve your current circumstances or make a major life change, a lack of resourcefulness or empowerment may hold you back. Don’t let this be a barrier to achieving your goals.

Walk on Fire – You can Do It!

Walking on hot coals, known as firewalking, is an ancient practice in various cultures. Individuals walk barefoot on burning coals, which can reach temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Firewalkers navigate the path without burns or injuries due to the coals’ insulating ash and specific mental and physical techniques. Firewalking demonstrates human resilience and serves as a metaphor for overcoming fears and challenges in life.