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The whole event was an amazing experience with like-minded people and a really amazing coach, Steve Consalvez, who was absolutely BRILLIANT! Please give him my deepest gratitude if possible. The amount of money raised is spectacular, well done.
Theresa Amarillo

Charity Firewalk Participant, Martlets Hospice

Charity Firewalks

When you are thinking about raising funds for your charity, you are most probably concentrating on raising as much money as possible to change the lives of the people who benefit from those funds. But, what if you could raise funds for your charity and at the same time, change the lives of the people who attend your event, in the most remarkable ways?

That’s what happens when we run your charity firewalk event…

We change lives for good!

Our in-house team of internationally certified Firewalking seminar leaders working with charities aim to put as much money into our supported charities as possible, while changing the lives of those who participate in the event.

We have worked with the largest charities in many ways over the last 20 years, but we can also work with smaller charities who want to raise money for local organisations or sometimes, individual people.

“When Steve met Emma”

When former Spice Girl and current Heart FM DJ, Emma Bunton, was asked by Michael Bublé to firewalk in support of Global’s Make Some Noise it’s no wonder they chose firewalk.co.uk

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stroke-association“I just wanted to say thank you, Steve and the rest of the crew from Success Formulae for delivering a wonderful event. It was great to meet you all on the night.

All of the walkers I have spoken to had a fantastic experience. Hopefully we will be able to repeat the event next year – following all the interest from the crowds on the night, I am sure we would sell out the event next year.

Thank you all again for delivering a great event.”


“We contacted Steve’s company, because we’d heard that he was a big supporter of smaller charities and knew that if he could help us, he would. We were quoted what we thought was a high price to put on the event, but Steve made it obvious that they would help and would make it work.

His presentation was polished, and funny, thought-provoking and inspiring, and his team were all trained to the same standard and put on a first-class job. We will use his company again next year, his determination to make it work made us an extra £750 for Jensen.”

Alex Reid & Steve Consalvez

Price guarantee

You can have the peace of mind of involving a member of the Firewalking Center in your charity firewalk, AND getting the best value for money. National charities can benefit from our affiliate reward scheme (contact us for more information), where you can build your donations, with national donation rewards. For other charities, we will beat the price you have been quoted, on a like for like basis, based upon your agreeing to our fairness policy (we won’t compete with your uncle Tom, who went on a Tony Robbins’ course 10 years ago).

Steve Consalvez

Why Choose Firewalk.co.uk to provide your Charity Firewalk

Success Formulae Ltd is the only UK Firewalking company that boasts two Master Firewalking Trainers in our team and has its own dedicated Firewalk Instructor academy. We also train most Firewalking Instructors in the UK, as well as many internationally. By choosing us to lead your event, you are guaranteed to get the most experienced seminar presenters and the best experience for you and your event delegates.

All our team are fully trained and experienced Firewalking Instructors, even our fire tenders.

Barry Collins

How does it work?

To provide your participants with an extremely memorable experience, we need just four things, a venue with a water supply, an outdoor open space, an indoor room large enough to take the number of participants you are expecting, and around 3 – 4 hours of the participants time. That’s it.

One of our Firewalk Instructors will lead the seminar, training the participants on how to safely walk on the fire. This normally takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours. During this time, the rest of the team (themselves qualified and accredited Firewalking Instructors) are outside preparing the firewalk, ready for the firewalkers to come and walk on fire.

When we build the fire, we fully protect the surface underneath so that after we have cleared away, you wouldn’t know we had ever been there!

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