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Your team is stuck in a rut, lacking motivation and energy, and it’s affecting your bottom line. It’s frustrating and demotivating to see your team’s potential waste away. You’ve tried team-building exercises, seminars, and workshops, but nothing seems to stick. The status quo is suffocating your business, and you’re at a loss for how to ignite the spark that drives success.

Imagine a team that’s fired up, motivated, and driven to succeed. Our Empowerment and Firewalking courses for corporates are designed to combat workplace lethargy, boost productivity, and unite your team towards a common goal. Our unique approach will help your team overcome obstacles, build trust, and achieve their targets.

Where Corporate Training Meets Adventure…

• Boost team motivation and performance with our Embracing Corporate Change seminar or Ultimate Motivation Seminar.

• Break through internal conflicts and fears with our expert-led programs, tailored to overcome common corporate challenges.

• Create a more cohesive, proactive team that drives growth and success for your organisation.

• Experience the thrill of firewalking with our carefully designed and safely conducted events in top locations worldwide, proven to inspire confidence and teamwork.

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Transform Your Team with Our Inspiring Corporate Seminars and Firewalks

Designed to inspire and empower your team to overcome their fears and achieve success, our corporate seminars and training, such as Embracing Corporate Change and Ultimate Motivation, provide individuals with the tools they need to grow and contribute to the success of your organisation. We’ve safely conducted corporate firewalks for leading companies around the world such as Pepsi, and our “One Night of Amazement” offering is a unique and memorable experience that will leave a lasting impact on your team. Whether your team is struggling with internal conflicts or a fear of change, our firewalk events can help them build courage, determination, and a more cohesive, proactive approach to achieving their goals.

Inspiring Team-Building Options

Not every event is suited for firewalking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still provide a powerful and inspiring experience for your team. Our non-firewalk empowerment events offer alternative “power and courage” tests that will wow and inspire your audience. Led by our experienced team, these events are designed to provide a phenomenal experience that your team will never forget. Whether you’re looking to boost morale, provide a unique team-building experience or simply show your appreciation for your team’s hard work, our non-firewalk events are the perfect solution.

Meet Our Lead Trainer: Steve Consalvez

At the heart of our events is our lead trainer, Steve Consalvez. With a background in sales, sales management, marketing, and senior management, Steve has worked with premier companies in five industries and has a deep understanding of what companies need to succeed. He’s built businesses from the ground up and has even helped to save a global PLC. Steve is available to speak at your event, providing inspiring talks on firewalking, power, and courage. He can work with your events managers or senior management team to produce a spectacular, empowering, and motivational event that will leave a lasting impact on your team.

Walking On Fire