Corporate Team Building & Empowerment

Using the Success Formulae’s Embracing Corporate Change seminar, or the Success Formulae Ultimate Motivation Seminar, you can give your senior management team, or your front-line staff the boost they need to reach out and grab the future your company needs. Alternatively, you may just want to give your staff, a night to remember to thank them for a job well-done, or to give them something they can try that they’ll never forget. If you would like us to provide this option, then our ‘One night of Amazement’ may well be just what you are looking for.

Our seminars have given individual delegates the courage and determination to empower themselves to improve their own lives and in doing so, help their company meet it’s challenges head-on!

Firewalking has inherent risk, and no organisation is more aware of that than private or public companies. We have provided Corporate Firewalks in some of the world’s finest locations and to some of the world’s leading companies.

Is your team working together or against each other? Are they working to develop themselves and in turn develop your company?

Year after year, decade after decade – company’s face the same challenges – creating teams that work toward a better company and ultimately create a better company. In order to achieve such excellence though requires change – and People and employees fear change!

But what would it do for your company if your people could learn to overcome their own internal fears and in turn, embrace change?

Corporate Non-Firewalk events

Sometimes, the logistics to firewalk just won’t work. You’d like the ‘wow’, but not the smoke. If that’s the case, then we can provide other ‘power and courage’ tests that will wow and inspire your audience. All led by our experienced team, everyone has a phenomenal time, that they won’t forget.

If you would like Steve Consalvez, to come and speak at your event, about firewalking, or provide one of our ‘power and courage’ talks, and provide the materials to give your team the boost or thanks they need, contact us.

Steve has worked for premier companies in five industries, all leaders globally or in their country, and has had positions in sales, sales management and development, marketing, or senior management positions, having built businesses from the ground to helping to save a global PLC. He understands what companies need, and can work with your Events Managers or Companies, or with your senior management team to produce an event that is both spectacular and empowering, motivational, and inspiring.

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