Unilad Ignition 1 day empowerment events - The UK Firewalking Academy

Discover The Calm Confidence of a Poker Player

in our Ignition one day personal empowerment course

This day is designed to get you to understand what motivates you to take action in the direction of your goals and what causes you to be unhappy in your current position.

Getting clear about what you want and getting started on a new life path is sometimes the hardest thing to do. We just tend to feel some discomfort and some feeling that we should just move on with our lives. This course is for you. In this course, you’ll learn how to get things going.

You will get a clear idea of what you need to do to get yourself moving towards the life you choose to live and away from the one you have been living. You will hear how to be intuitive and how to use natural laws and how to open up your senses to receive more opportunities to get more out of life.

Discover how to start to manifest the things you want in your life.

The Unilad Thomas Gray Pokerstars Experiment and Success Formulae’s MINDSET series: Part 1 – How A Game Winning Poker Focus Can Help In Real Life

Register your interest in improving your life, your confidence and your focus and receive the Success Formulae MINDSET Series by filling out the form below.

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