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International Firewalk Day

Saturday 2nd April 2022

The inspiration for the International Firewalk Day was born when Firewalk Instructors from across the globe gathered in Latvia in 2017 for the first Firewalk Gathering. Agreeing that firewalking should be available in every country, to everyone, the first Saturday in April was designated International Firewalk Day. A day to light fires around the world, celebrating the global firewalking movement, and inviting individuals to walk the path. We have chosen to celebrate on 29th March to coincide with out Final Friday Firewalk Event.

Coming together in this way, on a single day, we aim to encourage healing, raise awareness & consciousness, while sharing the joy & wisdom that many find in Firewalking. Come and walk with us…

  • One day to celebrate the Joy & Wisdom of Firewalking
  • Raising awareness & consciousness
  • We will light up the planet and ignite a healing revolution
  • International Firewalk Day takes place on the 1st Saturday in April each year
  • The next International Firewalk Day in on Saturday 6th April 2019

How amazing will it be to have dozens of Firewalks taking place all over the world on the same day? Imagine the powerful healing they will transmit! Hundreds, maybe thousands of people celebrating fire and having fun! Let’s celebrate the joy and wisdom of Firewalking. Collectively we can raise awareness and consciousness. We will light up the planet. Let’s ignite a healing revolution. We will encourage conscious leadership and collaborative partnerships. This is a time for unification and celebration.

Reserve your place now for Friday 29th March, 2019 at The Retreat, Wisbech Road, Thorney, Peterborough. PE6 0TS.

Seminar starts at 7pm, so please aim to arrive from 6:30pm.

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