Making Mistakes - The UK Firewalking Academy

I make mistakes.

Sometimes, it’s just that I don’t pay attention to detail. Sometimes it’s that I trust people to be like me and have the same level of authenticity, commitment or even integrity and then my mistake costs me dearly. But sometimes, it’s simply a misunderstanding and while it’s easy to go backwards and forwards into blame, my philosophy has been to say sorry.

Immediately that the truth or facts emerge.

From the moment you apologise, you’re able to move on emotionally. Some people do want you to be REALLY sorry, but that may be because they don’t want to accept their part in the misunderstanding. But if you give a heartfelt apology, you’ve created a Karmic reality that is good for both parties.

I always remember that ‘it doesn’t matter how THIN you slice it, there are always TWO sides.

Apologise, forgive yourself, accept that you’re human and move on.