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“Igniting Natural Resilience”

If you’ve struggled in 2020, this impactful and practical one day training will help you reset & recharge your personal power.

For many men life is tough right now. And you don’t need to be a deck hand on a deep sea trawler to be thrown around by the trials of life, 2020 seems to have taken care of that for us.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll have heard the word unprecedented almost as much as you’ve heard “lockdown”. But what does that really mean? 

Before the pandemic hit we, as men, were already facing a tough time. The pandemic has just inflamed the challenges you’ve been going through, stripping our resources, challenging our identities, limiting our freedom and our ability to step up and take charge of our situation.

Every day we have to show up in a variety of roles:- leader, provider, husband, father, brother, coach, the list seems to be endless. That was tough before, now many men are feeling like it’s an impossible task.

Our ability to care for, protect, support and provide for those we love is under attack. From government edicts, personal restrictions, strange working conditions and authoritarian-like curfews, millions are facing employment and income uncertainty.

It’s enough to make you want to break down and cry…but as “Men” we’re not supposed to do that are we? We have to tough it out, put on a brave face and just push through…As Churchill famously said, “If you find yourself going through Hell, keeping going!”

But what if there was another way?

What if you had the ability to instantly reset and recharge your personal power?

What if you had a toolkit of strategies and tactics that you could use to retake control, to maintain your sense of self, no matter what the pandemic or the world at large throws at you?

What if you had the ability to still show up as the leader, father, husband, brother, friend you need to be BUT do so in a way that no longer drains you.

What if you could control your mood, take control of your inner game and become impervious to the outward threats to your identity?

What if you could ignite your natural resilience every single day.

Sounds impossible? We’ll it’s no more impossible than walking across burning hot coals, something we’ve done thousands of times before…..

We know this is possible and on November the 27th, we want to show you how this can be your reality too.

It’s hard to be a man right now…

Many of us are:

  • Not able to independently provide for our families
  • Forced to stay at home
  • Left with our own helpless thoughts
  • Feeling unproductive
  • Thinking about unhelpful things
  • Struggling to see the wood for the trees
  • Unable to share our worries
  • Stuck inside
  • Bottling it all up
  • Believing there is nowhere to turn
  • Feeling that we should “just man up

Right now, our roles are still closely linked to our gender. Many of us are feeling more worthless than ever.

And all of this has consequences on your:

  • Mindset
  • Stress levels
  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Drive & motivation
  • Relationships
  • Emotional state
  • Hope
  • Self image
  • Energy levels
  • Tolerance
  • Sex drive

And therefore, your relationships with those closest to you, which may be family and friends, not to mention colleagues and beyond will all be effected. This all plays out in your daily activities and how you communicate. It is all connected. So, if any of this rings true for you, then stick with us.

This impactful and practical one day course will have you working on REAL mindset strategies that you can use to lighten your day and connect with your ‘best, most positive self’. You will learn experientially the tools, techniques and strategies that will support YOU get YOU through any tough times and will allow you step into your personal power whenever you need to. ON TAP!

This is a course like no other … we will give you opportunities that would be included in the person training. IT IS NOT LISTENING TO A COUPLE OF BLOKES TALKING AT YOU!

You will learn:

  • Some of the science that proves your mind’s activities can affect the world around you
  • The basics of Quantum Character- The absolute must-have building blocks of ongoing goal achievement
  • How Positive Determinism effects your life
  • Decisiveness as an activity
  • The instant benefits to you of Quantum Decisiveness
  • The concept of ‘Positive Propulsion’ as a way to get going and keep going
  • How to turn frustration into productive energy

You will be able to:

  • Connect your key life’s purpose to the daily goals and activities that you CAN do
  • Begin to create more, do more and achieve more
  • Re-instate a powerful mindset in all challenging circumstances
  • Control your emotions & responses
  • Place your focus powerfully into having the experiences that matter to you
  • Set yourself up for starting, getting going and taking decisive, determined action
  • Not sweat the small stuff… Prioritise what really matters to you
  • Start achieving amazing results

Reasons to invest this time in yourself.

  • You will be in a “room” of like-minded men
  • You are worthy of the investment, this will pay dividends for years
  • You will feel more inspired and focused within a few hours
  • You will have tools that will last your lifetime
  • You can help others with your new knowledge

Doctor Ian Tennant, Men’s Health Expert & Author shares in an interview with Steve Consalvez the consequences of being “stuck in” >>>

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Steve Consalvez has commented many times at how skeptical he has been about the lack of science in the world of personal development. His journey of nearly 30 years spent reading many scientific papers and attending many courses, seeking interviews with many luminaries has led him to now being accepted as Europe’s #1 firewalking Expert.

With many TV appearances and awards under his belt, he has trained nearly 400 Firewalking Instructors from over 30 countries, and his discoveries about the connection between the firewalking mind, the body and success are startling.

So, Ignition contains some of the world’s most empowering techniques, all of them radical, but all of them designed to give you experiences that open your mind to a new understanding of where you have been stuck and how you can grasp the feeling of being at your BEST.

Expect the unusual because incredibly successful people think in unusual ways and in this introduction to Positive Determinism and Quantum Character you will actually learn some ways of thinking that will enable you to create the right actions to lead you to personal success and happiness.

At the end of the day, you will have a greater sense of purpose, and will have techniques to get you better equipped to live a more fulfilled life.

27th November, 2020

Ignition – Man Made event

Starting at 10am until around 4pm.