Re-Ignition - The UK Firewalking Academy


Rise from the ashes of Lockdown

24th to 26th July 2020

The Firewalking Academy, Peterborough, United Kingdom

Coal bed and logs on fire
large group of people around big fire

It’s Time!

For too long now we have sat by the smouldering ashes of our fires of days gone by, but no more!

As restrictions are relaxed, it’s time to kindle an ember, and take a spark to a flame! Join us to spend 3 days re-igniting your passion, your energy, your connection, as we all share this journey to step back in to the fire and prepare to share our collective wisdom with the world…

For a minimum donation of just £50, attend an event exclusively for instructors and experienced firewalkers.

Over 3 days, we will revisit some of the powerful elements used during the instructor trainings, and introduce new experiences, all designed to help you kick start your determination and motivation, including an inspiring sunrise firewalk!


Sitting around fire

We know that experiential learning brings out the best in people, so we provide the opportunity for you to grow and to shine in all you do.

Each day will be led by Steve Consalvez, Lisa Clifford, Barry Collins & Marina Collins, sharing with you their teachings, in their own unique style.

Starting at 6pm on Friday through to 2:30pm on Sunday, it is all about reuniting our fire brothers & sisters for connection, sharing & re-energizing our fire purpose & business.

Including 2 advanced firewalks (Friday & Saturday night), followed by a celebration of all we value with those who share our passion and enthusiasm.


We invite you to make a small donation to help with the cost of putting this event on, and in return we will give you 3 days packed with learning, sharing, love, laughter and, of course, fire!

If you would like to camp on site, we are happy to provide this free of charge (please indicate on the booking form if you need this).

Please note: there is no electrical or waste connections for caravans. We are able to offer access to outdoor heated showers, access to running water & toilets.

For many, this sees the end of a period where there have been no gatherings, no fires, and no work, so please do not let the recommendation of a donation put you off. If you would like to join us, but are struggling as a result of the pandemic, please call us and have a chat!