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Empowerment Seminar Supplies

Empowerment Grade Arrows

Introducing our Empowerment Grade arrows, specially designed for use in empowerment seminars and firewalking training. After years of research, we have sourced the perfect arrows for this market. Arrows can be ordered in multiples of 100. For larger quantities, please call us at +44 1733 849999. Our arrows come with a guarantee for workmanship and against defects and poor performance. Order now and experience the power of snapping arrows in your next empowerment seminar.

100 to 299 – £2.75 each
300 to 599 – £2.50 each
600 to 899 – £2.25 each
900 to 1,199 – £2.10 each
1,200 – £1.95 each

For quantities above 1,200, please get in touch: info@firewalk.co.uk
Prices exclude Post and Packing

Empowerment Grade Arrows

Glasswalk Kit

£697 + P&P

Our professionally prepared Glasswalk kit enables your seminar attendees to experience a low-risk glass walk.

Our Glasswalk kits contain 50lb of broken glass, perfectly prepared to provide you with a 4 -5  foot path to empowerment.

Each Glasswalk is supplied in its easy-to-transport case, with a sheet for presenting the walk, a brush for cleaning feet after walking and a board for preparing the glass.

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Glasswalk Topup Kit

£297 + P&P

A well-used Glasswalk kit will need topping up!

Our top-up kits are 12 Kg of perfectly prepared broken glass glass.

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