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Steve Consalvez with (L-R) Nick Vujicic, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, and Paul McKenna.

The UK Firewalking Academy is owned and run by Steve Consalvez and his company Success Formulae Ltd.

Frustrated at Tony Robbins refusal to come over to the UK in 1990/1, Steve and a few other committed individuals collectively joined up with one of Tony’s and Tolly Burkan’s students and some key staff and introduced the empowerment seminar to the UK.

This new seminar was all about empowerment. With the emergence of NLP as a useful and dynamic tool for change, the new type of seminar, interweaving the firewalk as a demonstration of capabilities and NLP as a catalyst for action, quickly caught the attention of the media.

Steve introduced this new type of seminar to several high earners in the multi-level marketing community and with this kind of leverage; we were able to persuade Tony Robbins that the UK was a viable place to run his course, Unleash the Power Within, among others.

Steve promoted Tony for three years in the UK and had the top closing ratio in Europe for ticket sales.

Steve took the knowledge he gained and applied it to his businesses, and corporate employers, and from 1993-2006, grew 2 successful businesses, and established himself as a top performing sales person and trainer within several global businesses, whilst working with some of the world’s leading trainers. He has trained with both Richard Bandler and John Grinder several times. Of course, he trained with Tony Robbins but also went on to train from another of Tony’s trainers, Tolly Burkan, the man who, in 1977 created the modern Empowerment Firewalk seminar.

Steve Consalvez FirewalkingSince 2006, Steve has gone on to train and qualify as a Master Trainer with The Firewalking Institute, a process that has required over six years of rigorous development and trainer training. During the period upto 2012, Steve had trained in over a dozen Trainer Trainings (Firewalk Instructor Training) and helped to train over 160 new Firewalking Instructors, from over 25 countries. He is also a Fellow of the Firewalking Institute and advises on their senior team on issues relating to ethics, training, safety, legal, publications, marketing and sales.

As at January 2013, Steve is the only Master Trainer in the United Kingdom, and is the only person who can sign qualifying certificates, for the Firewalking Institute, or use their proprietary logos.

Steve often speaks about empowerment, sharing the stage alongside some of the other emerging giants on the subject like Nick Vujicic and Krish Dhanam, from Zig Ziglar Corp.

Success Formulae is a business committed to personal growth, and to that endeavour, we have a team of people committed to your success in the firewalking world. All of our team are available to help with your events, and we actively encourage networking and team collaboration for your success. Many of our team, have more than 10 years experience in personal development, coaching, NLP, or firewalking.

Steve’s experience in building businesses and publicised expertise in saving and assisting small business, can be used to help you in your endeavours and we hope you will be able to get what you need to succeed from our variety of courses. For more information, see www.successformulae.co.uk.