Winning With Love - The UK Firewalking Academy

Winning With Love

14th – 15th October 2019

Discovering Unlimited Wealth!

This two-day seminar is actually not about money…

It is about realizing your connection to the source of unlimited supply; and it is a true spiritual experience. The result: you will NEVER WORRY ABOUT MONEY AGAIN!

In one weekend, you will learn how to manifest whatever you desire. You will discover what you now do that prevents you from getting what you want. The process is like learning to use a spiritual muscle. In time, you will be effortlessly creating exactly what you now only dream of. Not only does this seminar teach skills that can be quickly mastered — the results are delivered quickly as well. You will get instant feedback on your manifestation skills in the form of money coming out of a slot machine.

Casinos as a Spiritual Tool: God’s Love in the Form of Money

Slot machines, as outrageous as it might seem, are a powerful vehicle to help you learn how to keep your heart open. Since the brain and, in fact, the entire body, is a package of electrochemical impulses, it shouldn’t seem so far-fetched that we can influence electronic devices.

However, casinos and slot machines are not the right venue for your spiritual growth if you have a history or tendency toward addiction of any kind. Here we use slot machines as a tool toward personal growth, toward a more spiritual reality. Others use them to avoid reality of any kind, and instead of a tool, they can become a destructive force.

MONEY AS A METAPHOR: Receiving God’s Love in the Form of Money

Since slot machines are meant to pay jackpots (no one would come if they never paid out), acknowledging the grace in your life means that you no longer proceed from the premise that someone else will win rather than you, or that someone else is more deserving. You begin living with the awareness that you deserve to be a winner. For the sake of this casino exercise, you have to allow yourself to receive God’s love (grace) in the form of money.

The money becomes a metaphor for love. The entire process of using the slot machine as a biofeedback device is constructed so you can examine your issues about guilt and unworthiness, and learn how the ego creates your reality. When you learn to ask for and to accept grace, the money (or love) comes.

As with firewalking, the lessons learned in a casino seminar become tools by which to live. People learn to say thank you for everything in their lives, because within every experience, especially negative ones, lies an opportunity for grace and for growth.

Living daily with an awareness of grace and with an attitude of gratitude doesn’t happen to you overnight. It’s a matter of learning how to use a spiritual muscle. New attitudes, like untrained muscles, take time to develop. You don’t leave the gym with bulging muscles after one visit. But if you go regularly, in time you see a change. It is the same with grace. If you want it in your life, make the decision to exercise your grace awareness. In time, the grace in your life will be as obvious to you as the bulging muscles on a regular gym rat.


“I learned more about myself this weekend, than in the last five years combined.”

“I’m again in touch with my spiritual nature. It seems odd that this profound experience occurred in a casino.”

“The big money I’m taking home is nothing compared to the big healing I received.”

“This is the seminar that tied together everything I’ve been studying for almost 25 years.”

“The insights I received in this seminar altered every cell in my body” 

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