Your Empowerment Business Essentials - The UK Firewalking Academy

Your Empowerment Business Essentials

Delivering the Tools for Your Success

29th July to 2nd August 2019

A Modular Approach to Creating & Growing Your Business

At Thorney, near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

If you are a graduate of a Firewalking Instructor Training, with ourselves or with someone else, or you are an empowerment coach or speaker, you know the skill set you have, but how do you put it all together in to a marketable product? How do develop yourself in a way that you stand out from the crowd? How do deliver what your potential clients want?

Learn from someone who has done it!

At The Firewalking Academy, we are pride ourselves in excellence in all we do, and after many years in the personal development arena, we have experience in almost every situation you might find yourself in and have answered the questions you are probably asking yourself about how to be a success.

As a world-renowned empowerment coach & Master Firewalk Trainer, Steve Consalvez has trained people from around the globe as Firewalk Instructors & Masters, and is now sharing his experience on how to build a profitable business on the solid foundation of expertise, integrity and delivering what others cannot.

By providing you the opportunity from to learn from a man who has almost seen it all, and overcome numerous challenges, you are able to take the express route to success without have to make all the costly mistakes that result in knowing the difference between what works and what doesn’t.

You can also learn what to do once you’ve made the deal and secured the event! How to deliver exactly what your client wants in a way that leaves them begging for more…

Day One

Monday 29th July

Introduction to Public Speaking

Develop the foundation of your speaker confidence through utilising resourceful states, getting clear on your message, and creating powerful  presentations with meaningful content, one sentence at a time. Getting comfortable as a speaker who can work to timings and develop from feedback.

Day Two

Tuesday 30th July

Advanced Public Speaking

Learn techniques to put you on the path of continuous improvement as speaker. Develop your stage presence, whilst growing your understanding of how your voice tone and body language impacts the message you deliver. Providing the breadth of awareness of the elements that combine to help you become a spellbinding speaker.

Day Three

Wednesday 31st July

Health & Safety

Working with, and in, public requires that you comply with legislation and protect yourself and your clients whilst delivering outstanding experiences. Learn how to meet, and often exceed, the requirements and expectations of the law and your clients, making you the one clients book time and time again.

Day Four

Thursday 1st August

Creating Your Empowerment Seminar

Discover the methodology behind discovering the thread of your own story and weaving the fabric of empowerment with it. Bringing the tools you have in your arsenal together in a way that flows naturally, taking your delegates on a journey that clearly has a beginning, a middle and an end. Covering scheduling, timing, content delivery & supporting materials.

Day Five

Friday 2nd August

Business Development

Examining marketing and customer engagement, and the tools to enable you to reach your audience and speak to them in a way that appeals. Goal setting and outcome planning to create the business that fulfils your needs and that of your potential clients.