Fire Dragon

U.K. Fire Arts Training Experience

25th to 28th August 2022

A training experience like no other!

Fire Dragon is a unique opportunity to experience training from world class fire arts instructors right here in the U.K., equipping you with the skills to truly ignite your performances!

But that’s not all…

Join us and experience the transformational power of firewalking, fire dancing, flaming board-breaking, glasswalking, intention setting, group activities, team building, fire eating, and so much more!

All combined into one life-changing experience! In addition to these activities will be world class prop manipulation and skill based workshops. Designed to grow your skill and your will to new heights! Beginner and advanced fire and flow artists welcome! For anyone who feels called to the element of fire as a source of empowerment and inspiration.

With Special Guest Instructors from around the globe, including the world famous Shade Flamewater & Mini Azur of Flamewater Circus

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Spaces are limited – Several lodging options nearby – On site camping can be booked at the same time as your ticket.

Take part in a truly unique fire arts training experience in the U.K…

What’s Included…

  • Daily Prop Making Classes

  • Poi Training Classes

  • Devil Sticks / Flower Sticks Classes

  • Fire Eating Classes

  • Dragon Staff Classes

  • Contact Staff Classes

  • Levi Stick Classes

  • Fire Magic Classes

  • Cntact Fire Classes

  • Contact Juggling Classes

  • Fire Breathing Classes

  • And so much more…

Join us for 4 days at the U.K. Firewalking Academy, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire for an event like no other!

For those booking onsite camping, you can arrive between 7pm & 10pm the day before the training begins and are welcome to stay until 10am the morning after the final day. Please note that camping must be booked ‘per person’ not ‘per pitch’.

Whilst we are able to accommodate camper vans, we are not able to offer services connections (water & electricity). We do have public toilets & showers available.