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Deborah McPhilemy

Speaker, Trainer, Author

“A couple of weeks ago I attended a Firewalking Instructor Course, but trust me it had nothing to do with firewalking. To me it felt like personal development on speed (not that I have any idea of what speed feels like) But what I am trying to get at is that it was intensive. Something about you changes on such a deep level, you leave there a better improvement version of yourself. I experienced healing, empowerment, enlightenment, and so much more. It’s hard to explain unless you have been there and I plan on returning again this September with my husband. The team is simply outstanding, our Master Trainer Steve Consalvez is a man like no other, a humble person with a beautiful presence, inspirational, kind, loving, firm, and so generous of spirit. His team, Jon, Barry, Tim and Nick are men of the highest order. I was wowed beyond belief. I have attended many many training courses over the years and a lot of the time they were run by people who were only in it for their own gain, to line their pockets, people who came from a place of ego and arrogance. Here you will not find that, you will find men who are not only manly and strong, but men who are kind, gentle, giving and loving. Men who only have your best interest at heart.

I am currently in discussions with Steve to co-present some very special self empowerment intensives for women. I am so honored and so excited as I know that other peoples lives will be touched and transformed beyond belief.

If you want to change your life in just one weekend, then you need to sign up for this course now.”


Vanessa Simon – Firewalking Academy Graduate

“Wow, Wow, Wow and Wow again, I am totally blown away. I feel reborn, like a new person, I’m feeling much calmer and in control with an overwhelming sense of peace and life purpose.

This course is not really about firewalking.

Steve Consalvez and his amazing team of Firewalking Instructors are the most heartfelt, genuine and inspiring group of people I have met. This course is by far the best personal development and empowering thing I have done and the benefits are immediately felt.

I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone looking to breakthrough, overcome, change, improve, develop and be a better version of themselves attending this course, you will not regret it!”

Les Shortall – Firewalking Academy Graduate

“I’m reflecting after a profound, inspirational 4 days at the Firewalk Instructor Training course run by Steve Consalvez and his Fire Spirits Jon, Barry, Tim & Nick. The genius of Steve is that his course is about so much more than fire walking, amazing as that experience is.

It is probably the most empowering, challenging, intense, joyful and transformational course you could attend. I feel reborn and blessed.”

Rory Mulroe
Stunt Performer in Film & Television

So last week I went on a Fire Walking Instructor Training Course hosted by Firewalking UK.

I decided as with most things, I would go and try everything that would be thrown at me and to completely immerses myself in what was to come.

The 4 day course was held at a beautiful countryside location in Peterborough and was lead by Master Trainer – Steve Consalvez.

I am not going to go into everything that I did because it would spoil your journey if you too, decide to go on any of the courses or events which Firewalking UK host.

What I can say is that I got to walk on RED HOT COALS over 100 TIMES!!! I successfully walked over a path of BROKEN GLASS without getting cut and with my bare hands I BROKE THROUGH A WOODEN BOARD!!!

Most importantly what I learnt, was what I’m capable of.

As a Stuntman in Film & Television and in my life, I have been lucky enough to have trained alongside some highly trained and high performance people. These are the people who push the extremes of the human potential, teach others about it and who also share they’re knowledge and experiences.

I would like to say that Steve and his Team are in this calibre of people. They are first class instructors and delivered information which far exceeded my expectations.

I was truly tested and discovered a few hidden gems about myself too.

Big thank you to Steve, Jon, Barry, Tim and Marina for making the course a memory I will not forget.

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