Personal Mastery Program - The UK Firewalking Academy

Personal Mastery – 7 Days

27th October to 2nd November 2024

The Firewalking Academy near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

The Personal Mastery Program is a 7-day intensive course that teaches you how to overcome your fears and limitations, achieve your full potential, and live a fulfilling life. Through personal coaching, firewalking, and other experiential exercises, you’ll learn how to develop greater self-awareness and take control of your life. This program is inspired by Tolly Burkan, a personal development pioneer who has been running firewalking events for over 50 years and uses firewalking to empower people to overcome fear and take action in their lives.

The Personal Mastery Program is not a beginner’s course and is only open to a select group of people ready to take their growth to the next level. Suppose you’ve completed Firewalking Instructor Training and want to certify others as Firewalking Instructors. In that case, our program will support and coach you to become a master and share the valuable lessons you learn with others. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of Tolly’s legacy and have a transformative experience that you will remember forever. Take the first step towards personal mastery today.

Tolly Burkan, Peggy Dylan, Steve Consalvez, Kevin Axtell & Barry Collins
However, NOW is the best time to do this because it could be your ONLY chance.

Tolly ran everything himself for many years.  Gave everything to enlighten many famous people’s lives (you will learn of his direct connection with EST [Landmark Forum] and his early knowledge of Scientology) and what it’s like to have Electric Shock Therapy.  After several car crashes and 50 years of serving humanity, he is officially retired. Still, he is occasionally drawn back by audiences who want to take his legacy to the world with them.

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Tolly Burkan
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