Personal Mastery

2nd to 8th October, 2022

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

“An hour with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books”…Confucius
“In the realms of the pioneers and the people who change lives, Tolly’s story sits right up there with Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” and Helen Keller’s “The Story of My Life”. It is a story of persistence, innovation, brilliance and endeavor and a must read to anyone within the personal development field”

Excerpt from “Dying To Live” – Tolly Burkan

What is ‘Personal Mastery’?

Firewalking Center LogoThe journeys that people choose in life are a result of their experiences and their own belief systems, even those that limit them. Over the seven days spent purely focusing on you, you will be invited time and time again to learn about yourself in challenging & exceptional circumstances, what your true potential looks and feels like. Using the premise of experimental learning, each day is designed with one objective in mind – revealing the real you!

And who better to spearhead this journey, and to walk alongside you, figuratively speaking? A man who is acknowledged as the catalyst for a global movement in the personal development arena, who recognised firewalking as the vehicle through which to empower people to turn fear in to action in their everyday lives… Tolly Burkan!

Personal Mastery is not all about firewalking. It’s all about you. If you’ve completed the Firewalking Instructor Training, you already understand the incredible impact experiences designed to challenge you can have. Personal Mastery provides the opportunity to revisit some of those experiences, and also to build upon them by taking you to the next level… expect to be challenged, but expect the rewards to be equal in measure.

Tolly Burkan, Peggy Dylan, Steve Consalvez, Kevin Axtell & Barry CollinsTolly Burkan famously began running firewalking events in the late 1970’s, constantly changing them until a consistent program could easily be delivered by him and his team.  There were times when firewalking couldn’t be done, so other activities were created.  Once The Firewalking Instructor Training began, Tolly and partner Peggy Dylan realized that they were attracting attendees who wanted the experiences Tolly had created for personal growth, more than for the technicalities of building safe fires.

In 5 decades of experience, no one has really seen and heard the true story of how Tolly learned to turn his life around and create a worldwide movement from the activities he created.

In 4 decades of teaching FIT’s there are only perhaps 20 people worldwide, who have had the benefit of his personal attention, and the experience of Tolly giving you both the deeper experiences and the deepest knowledge.  These people are those of us who want to be able to talk at the deepest level about how firewalking evolved.

Is that you?

Tollywood Blvd SignThe Personal Mastery Program is not about firewalking. Like The Firewalk Instructor Training, there will be firewalking, but less about the techniques of firewalking.  When you join us, you will already have a good deal of experience in firewalking.  You may have done hundreds of firewalks but never attended a F.I.T., but the FIRE calls to you.  If this is you, you may still be able to apply for a place.

So, it’s not for everyone.

This is Tolly’s legacy course.  The people who join us will talk about this forever.

Over the 7 days, we will get to know you and knowing that you are already enlightened, we are going to share Tolly’s deepest insights and most testing empowerment-developing processes.

What will you learn?

Personal Mastery is not for those who are just looking for a certificate. These 7 days are laying the foundations for your future! Whether you choose to share the lessons you learn through your existing methodology, or if you choose to follow the path to Certifying Master Firewalking Instructor, you will have a valuable gift to share with the world.

Should you decide that certifying others as Firewalking Instructors is the route you want to follow, then you will be supported and coached through the journey to truly become a master, so that you may deliver to others the valuable lessons shared with you. In doing so, you will provide others the opportunity to be revealed to themselves.

However, one reason why NOW is the best time to do this is that it could well be your ONLY chance.

Tolly ran everything himself for many years.  Gave everything to enlighten the lives of many famous people (you will learn of his direct connection with EST [Landmark Forum] and his early knowledge of Scientology), and what it’s like to have Electric Shock Therapy.  Now, after several car crashes and 50 years of serving humanity, he is officially retired but is occasionally drawn back by audiences who want to take with them his legacy to the world.

Tolly BurkanIs this you?

If you think it is, click the link below, for more information, and we’ll get in touch.

Check your diary now.  Personal Mastery Program lasts from 2nd to 8th October 2022.

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