Cleansing & Purification Weekend - The UK Firewalking Academy

Cleansing & Purification Weekend

The Firewalking Academy near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Includes the opportunity for a Sweat Lodge & Journeying

Day one runs from 1pm till 9:30pm. Day two runs from 10am till 4pm.

8th to 9th Jun 2024

21st to 22nd Sept 2024

Onsite camping available


Sweat lodges and the purification ceremonies held within them have been part of ancestral ceremonies for thousands of years. Although mostly known from Native American tribes, sweat lodges are found in (amongst other) Nordic, African, Celtic, Siberian, Roman and Peruvian historical and spiritual practice.

The ancient teachings and methods connected to the sweat have been passed down by our forefathers so we can experience, heal, and purify in the way of our ancestors and those that paved the way for us to embrace these ancient traditions in todays modern world. Not just for ourselves but for the world around us. Partaking in a “sweat” is a deep, powerful, and transformative practice that can bring about genuine emotional cleansing.


All of our workshops, ceremonies and events have you at the heart of them.

What Is A Sweat Lodge?

A sweat lodge is a ceremonial structure used by various Indigenous peoples for rituals, ceremonies, and purification purposes. It is often a small, dome-shaped or partially underground hut made of natural materials such as saplings, branches, and covered with blankets or animal hides. The interior is heated by placing heated stones in a central pit.

Beyond those simple logistics lies one of the most powerful ceremonies you may have the honour to experience, The connections, cleansing rituals and healing ceremonies associated with the lodge have the genuine power to be transformative to both yourself and the world around you.

The ceremony conducted inside a sweat lodge is known as a sweat ceremony or sweat lodge ceremony. It involves a series of rituals, prayers, and purification practices led by a ceremonial leader or elder.

Participants gather in the sweat lodge to connect with the spiritual realm, seek guidance, and purify themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually through sweating and intentional ceremonies.

We run our sweat lodges as a traditional spiritual ceremony and treat it with the respect that it deserves. That said, there is often laughter and joviality. We are all human, and for us the best healing tool is smiles, laughter and community. You can expect genuine real connections, open heartedness, honesty, healing and the opportunity to learn from the teachings of both our ancestors and the world around us.
All of our workshops, ceremonies and events have you at the heart of them. So, whether you have experienced Shamanic practice or a sweat lodge before, or have never taken part in a spiritual ceremony, this can be an immensely powerful, transformative, and enjoyable experience.

What Is Journey Work?

Journeying, including Shamanic journeying, has been used as a meditation, and a method of reaching a lucid dream state, connecting ourselves with our inner thoughts, ancestral teachings and with the spirit world. This powerful tool can bring about deeper understanding of ourselves and the natural environment we live in.

Journeying refers to a form of spiritual practice or technique involving altered states of consciousness to explore non-ordinary reality or the spirit world. This practice is found in many cultural and spiritual traditions.

In this state, you may embark on an inner journey, guided by intention or specific questions, to explore the realms of the subconscious, access spiritual insights, communicate with spirit guides, or seek guidance from higher powers. This can be a personal and introspective experience, allowing individuals to gain insights, healing, or guidance from their inner wisdom or spiritual allies.

It’s with respect to our ancestors and the wisdom they have left us that we offer the opportunity to share in this journeying and the opportunity to begin creating a personal relationship with the spirit realm.

Is It Right For Me?

The aim of the weekend is to provide an open space, for all to grow, cleanse and release as needed, all with respect to the teachings of our ancestor’s spiritual connection.

Day One

As a group we will start with the end in mind, preparing for entering the sweat lodge at the end of the day. This will include meditations, journey work and group sharing to help eveyone to gain clarity about their own personal reasons for entering the sweat lodge.

After we exit, we will ‘break fast’ in the traditional way with a feast, allowing us the opportunity to share our experiences and the teachings we’ve received, make new friends and share in the energies of the group experience.

Day Two

Having had to the opportunity overnight to reflect on our individual experiences, we will begin the planning to take the lessons and undertandings recived back with us to whatever lies beyond the weekend.

Planning how we will integrate the new understandings and continue the practices in the days and weeks ahead help us to foresee possible distractions and understand how we will navigate them should they arise, making it easier for us to stay the course with our new found wisdom and understanding.

A sweat lodge ceremony is so much more than just the lodge itself.

We will spend some time in circle, getting to know each other as a tribe, learning the ceremony of the sweat lodge and prepare through techniques such as guided meditation and journey work. We will create the fire and dress the lodge together. Whilst the fire heats the rocks, there will be time for some personal reflection and meditation, before coming back together for the sweat lodge itself.

The time in the lodge varies but expect to be in the sweat lodge for at least an hour, through several ’rounds’.

The opportunities to take part in the sweat lodge ceremony is optional, but no additional charge is made for this.

Please Note: You will receive a seperate email with instructions to book camping if this is required.