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Our Team

give people the tools to control their
personal and professional lives
and enable them to achieve
their goals and ambitions.

Our philosophy

At Success Formulae, we empower people to succeed in any area of their life by helping them think and act differently. We create an environment that connects with people’s humanity and helps them overcome their inhibitions, stories, upbringings, and experiences. Our philosophy is based on truth, authenticity, fun, joy, honesty, and wisdom. We use techniques developed by renowned practitioners such as Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Virginia Satir, Peggy Dylan, and Tolly Burkan. Our practice combines elements of psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP, psychodrama, and methods developed through years of teaching people how to change their lives.

The Firewalking Academy is a global leader in Firewalking transformation, powerful personal development technology designed for personal results run by an experienced team.

Steve Consalvez

Master Firewalking Instructor
Steve is one of only a handful of Master Certifying Firewalking Instructors worldwide certified to his level and the only one in the UK certified by Tolly Burkan. Steve has helped train hundreds of new Firewalking Instructors from over 25 countries. He is president of the Global Firewalking Association and advises on ethics, training, safety, legal, publications, marketing and sales issues.

Barry Collins

Master Firewalking Instructor
Barry, along with his wife, has led firewalks all over the UK, helping thousands of people to take the first step and cross the coals. Using all his skill and knowledge as an NLP master practitioner, coach and hypnotherapist, he is a co-trainer with Firewalking UK and a founder member of the Global Firewalking Association. In this role, and as part of the Mastery training team, he has shown others the path to their own personal empowerment.

Marina Collins

Firewalking Instructor
In the last 7 years, she has studied and learned from leaders in the field of personal development, revealing a can-do attitude coupled with the flexibility to recognise opportunity and go for it!. After attending a charity firewalk, she felt that something inside her had changed, and wanted to explore the experience. After Barry completed his instructor training, Marina decided this too, was a something she wanted to pursue.