What firewalking means to me - The UK Firewalking Academy


0.00 What firewalking means to me is, especially now the ability to be able to see people with my own eyes emerge from locked and blocked fears, emotions and experiences that have stopped them up until the moment that they would work with those from moving forward with their lives, So that’s what it means to me right now, the ability to get people to have an experience that shifts people and shift their thinking to the possibility based against what they thought was possible is just mind-blowing, and he’s just so heartwarming, but the other part of that is how I got here.

0:47 You know how I got here by doing it myself and my own story about my own first by a walk was so interesting because at one point, I was absolutely ready for it, and then on the other, I wasn’t, and I had to go through my own journey in order to take mine.

1:03 Especially one, so after I’d done that, the transformation in me was instant.

1:08 I’d known about it as a concept for three years, but then when I actually did it, the transformation for me was extraordinary.

1:17 It was mind-blowing.

1:19 It was outstanding, and so from that point on, and even before then, I thought that kind of transformation is what I want to bring to people, and so through the talks that I gave them through the experiences that I share, and then through the experience of the firework people get amazing results and make may make amazing changes to their lives at the point that they emerged from that fire walk.

1:43 That’s what it means to me.

1:44 It’s that personal evolution that people go through when they go through a fire walk, and when they go through a firewall seminar, it is not just about the fire walk; it’s about what comes before it and the ability to do that means so much to me that I’ve committed my life to it, so that’s where I am.

2:02 That’s why I am now.

2:03 Is that evolution that’s happened within me that I can now pass on, which is what means so much to me?