Why Heart FM’s former Spice Girl presenter used Steve Consalvez as her Firewalk Coach to raise money for charity. - The UK Firewalking Academy

Why Heart FM’s former Spice Girl presenter used Steve Consalvez as her Firewalk Coach to raise money for charity.


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When you are looking to raise funds, you might be a large charity with huge resources, or you could be a smaller charity or even an individual. Whichever category you sit in, there are several things you need to pay attention to.

The first things is, your chosen charity fundraising firewalking partner, needs to be charitable. They should make noises like they want to work with you and willing to be flexible, but at the same time sound like they are in it for the same reasons you are: to make the charity money.

They should be credible. Steve Consalvez has PROVEN evidence that he has been involved with firewalking for over 25 years. He has been PROFESSIONALLY trained. That means he has been through an accreditation process. Steve Consalvez has trained and co-trained over 250 Firewalking Trainers from over 25 countries. In those 25 years he has witnessed several things in the industry that other providers do that Heart FM just WOULD NOT entertain. And you shouldn’t either.

It should be entertaining, interesting, fun, engaging, educational and inspiring. Emma was briefed for nearly half an hour by Steve, and even in such a brief period of time was able to grasp some of the concepts of mind over matter, true positivity and the power of determination.

Safety and risk. Working at one of London’s most recognizable landmarks, within a smoke-free zone, with an extremely tight deadline, the risk and safety elements require experience. Success Formulae is able to not only be able to prove that from our experience but also from the organisations that we have worked with.

If you are a smaller charity, then fundraising is ALWAYS the issue. Well, no problem. Let us pay for a qualified consultant member of the Institute of Fundraising to help you. Even if you only hire us once, we pay for 30 minutes FREE consultation so that you can maximise the money you make. Often, the benefits of this consultation alone, covers our fee.

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There are many other reasons why Heart chose us over the hundreds of companies available. If we get to work with you, we will gladly tell you why. But first, download our FREE guide to arranging a successful charity firewalk by clicking the button below the image.

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